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Hey all my name is Samantha, I'm 33 from England. Engaged. I have been handcrafting cards since I can remember from making mothers day cards at nursery to selling them to friends and family now. I love seeing the reactions on peoples faces when you make a unique handcrafted card just for them. I have also been a keen scrapbooker/photographer since I was about 5 when my parents started to foster and I always kept a scrapbook for each child we cared for - which goes with them to their new families so they don’t forget any precious memories of their childhood.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

I'm Back

Glad to be back as I am stick of flying

We couldn't get a direct flight anywhere so from Vegas we had to go to Chicago before Florida and then change at Washington DC before Boston then London before I got back to Sunderland. I think I was on more flights than some of the air hostesses

Here are some of my Boston photos and 2pt video of my craft goodies

This is the hotel we stayed at.

Lobster Roll I've wanted to try one for ages and I lived on them the 2 days we were there I liked them so much lol

Memorial Carving I didn't have chance to read what it was for as tour bus turned up. I assume it was a Civil War one.The detail was amazing on the carving.

The Boston Common Frog Pond - Ice Rink.

Luckily it wasn't snowing when we were there but there was a huge pile which had been cleared in the park.

We went on a bus tour while in Boston was easiest way to get everything in as we only really had 1 full day.

Adam and my little Brother David with there sun tan faces with white eyes from sunglasses from day at Daytona Car Race in Florida! Someone in the airport thought they had been skiing with the tan and the winter clothes hehe.

It was Freezing in Boston - worse than the UK and that's saying something.

Nice shot of the harbour from the tour bus. I love how the window framed it and David looking out.

Home and unpacking. This suitcase is only craft items and we had an issue with over weight suitcases in the airport... ok yes it was my fault :-)

Part 1

Part 2

Hope everyone is good.
Now I am home I am starting the Dukan Diet (Meat diet) and busy planning my next holiday already lol we said no more America for a while as my last 15 holidays have been there but I don't think I can do it I love Florida soo much its my home from home.

Love to all xx


patscrap91 said...

Wow ! I hope you didn't have trouble with the customs with your suitcase !
Enjoy !

Denise van Deventer said...

Great photo's, but my favourite must be of the suitcase with all the craft goodies!!! Yay...I am sure you can't wait to get creating! ;-)