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Hey all my name is Samantha, I'm 33 from England. Engaged. I have been handcrafting cards since I can remember from making mothers day cards at nursery to selling them to friends and family now. I love seeing the reactions on peoples faces when you make a unique handcrafted card just for them. I have also been a keen scrapbooker/photographer since I was about 5 when my parents started to foster and I always kept a scrapbook for each child we cared for - which goes with them to their new families so they don’t forget any precious memories of their childhood.

Monday, 28 June 2010

CraftRoom Update

We'll my little brother Adam (17yr old) has had to move in with me and my fiance also Adam - its getting a little annoying when I shout Adam and they both shout "What?" ha ha

I was moving my craftroom into the back bedroom instead of the utility, but he has had to take over the bedroom, Big Adam has also claimed the utility for his new motor bike so my craft is homeless - sobs!!

He is using my 2 new sets of draws for his clothes!!
All my craft stuff is boxed up and I have not made anything in such a long time and I think I am becoming a little stir crazy.

I had a little brain wave tonight - don't laugh!!
I have quite a big cupboard in my bedroom which you can walk in and has shelves all the way round, and I thought If there was a big piece of wood across I could wheel myself in to the cupboard and craft in there - what do you think? he he little silly but I don't want all my stuff boxed up and getting squashed.

At the minute I have no idea where anything is so this is why I have not made anything in a while.

Let me know what you think? Is this a daft idea? I just don't want one of the Adams to play a trick on me and shut the door and lock me in as I'm claustrophobic!!

1 comment:

jackie(worcs) said...

Just came acrocc your blog on link from someone elses. I think your idea for a craftroom in the cupboard sounds great! You could always take the door off too and then the Adams couldnt lock you in!
Jackie :-)