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Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Gypsy & The Witch | Smash Book - November - Magical Mythos

Good Evening All

Another month has passed and another installment of The Gypsy & The Witch which is a Creative Journaling Journey.

Please join us here monthly on the 15th for a different theme each month as "The Gypsy and The Witch"- Create a Journaling Journey Together by Spreading a Message of Love and Positivity

This month's theme is "Magical Mythos"

I love Mermaids and watching documentaries where they are trying to prove their existence but they never look like the Little Mermaid from Disney!

As you know I am rubbish at drawing. I found 2 images on google and merged together to make my mermaid. Or you could just use a free colouring images but I wasn't a fan of the top half of the image so used image drawn by Eaglefriend.

I used paint for the background but used markers for Mermaid and the shells as the detail was too small to paint.

I found a quote online which reads - "Mermaid Myth #2 Mermaids are already full of confidence and do not require the validation of their reflection. To the Mermaid, a mirror is simply a portal from which to draw magical abilities."

If you search on YouTube for The Gypsy & The Witch to watch videos uploaded today for this event.

Thanks for taking the time to look and any comments left xx
Its much appreciated.
Sam xx