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Hey all my name is Samantha, I'm 33 from England. Engaged. I have been handcrafting cards since I can remember from making mothers day cards at nursery to selling them to friends and family now. I love seeing the reactions on peoples faces when you make a unique handcrafted card just for them. I have also been a keen scrapbooker/photographer since I was about 5 when my parents started to foster and I always kept a scrapbook for each child we cared for - which goes with them to their new families so they don’t forget any precious memories of their childhood.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Creating my Mr. Darcy Layout

Hi All my PC is acting up so wont be able to make any videos for a little bit.

Just wanted to share a layout I made last night.

 Paper is by October Afternoon - Farm House collection

 I used alot of random old embellishments and Wild Orchid flowers. I made the 2 hat pins and the Key and locket were dies which a friend sent me in a RAK a while ago. I have no idea where the Cameo came from I round it in my Grandma's jewelry box when she passed away - not sure if it fell off a broach or something.

The Image of the man and woman is from a vintage decoupage picture by Search Press but I only used the base image and coloured her dress in egg shell blue and when dry covered the full image in Tim Holtz old paper.
The Pride and Prejudice book is a sticker from October Afternoon - Farm House collection
I also used some old ancient lace and pearl bead trim.

The journalling reads if you are interested:
I love books and reading is one of my favorite past times. It started when I was little and then died out until I was about 16. We were in Florida my dad had gone out to a car show with my brother. Me and Mam were chilling out in the villa, I am a nosey person by nature and love rummaging in cupboards even if they are not mine. I found a book called Daughters of the Moon by Susan Sallis and fell in love with this author and her writing I could not put the book down for the rest of the holiday. I am ashamed to say it but I wasn't finished the book before we were due to fly home so I took it! I know thief right but its the only thing I've took which wasn't mine and it was the best thing I'd ever done as it sparked my reading frenzy off again. I had to have and read everyone of Susan Sallis' books and this was the only author I could read until ...My Mam's friend borrowed her a book to read called Orphan Child by Catherine King and I was then converted to another amazing author. Me and Mam went on a novel reading frenzy then she deserted me when she got a Kindle! I love books and I can happily spend hours in a library. I love how quiet and calm it is, and the smell and feel of books. I refuse to convert! I tried to try my hand at writing when I was about 18 but I didn't get past a page of writing I don't think I had enough life experiences and the era and city I was trying to write about I knew nothing about it! So that was binned. I have since started to write my own novel again now I am older and a few more experiences under my belt and knowledge that I cant just write about somewhere/something I don't know about without researching first. I wanted to write about something I know ... being Sunderland my hometown, something I love ... the era of 1900 and where I am the main character and I create my own Mr. Darcy! Really my life has not been that eventful so my story is going to have alot of exaggeration and fiction to it, my Mam didn't call me Jackanory when I was little for nothing.

Thanks so much to taking the time to view and comments are much appreciated
Sam xxx


Tríona said...

Hey Samantha, I love this layout! And amazingly I have had a nearly identical reading/writing experience to you! I discovered a book on holiday that ignited my love of books. I started a book when I hadn't experienced enough of life etc, etc! I'm now on my second novel (The first one is in a drawer just waiting for a redraft... I'll get to it :) I recently did a layout of my youngest child and I included a poem I'd written for her. I also have a mini book (which I keep meaning to post)all about a festival I performed at with some poet friends. It's one of the things I love about scrapbooking, that you can include writing aswell as visual creativity. I'm going to have to totally lift this layout and do my own reading/writing journey :) Thanks for the idea :)

Christie said...

What a fun layout! I loved your journaling, so fun to learn more about you and what you love. I'm a huge J.A. fan too!