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Hey all my name is Samantha, I'm 33 from England. Engaged. I have been handcrafting cards since I can remember from making mothers day cards at nursery to selling them to friends and family now. I love seeing the reactions on peoples faces when you make a unique handcrafted card just for them. I have also been a keen scrapbooker/photographer since I was about 5 when my parents started to foster and I always kept a scrapbook for each child we cared for - which goes with them to their new families so they don’t forget any precious memories of their childhood.

Friday, 2 December 2011

December Daily - Day 1, 2 & 3

Sorry I know I said I would make videos of me making the pages but my camera is acting up and they are mega simple so no need to bore you watching me glue paper to my pages and writing my journalling out.

Here is some close up pictures and a quick YouTube video of the pages from my laptop (so not great quality!)

Hope everyone is well
Love Sam x


Denise Price said...

Great job so far on your DD! I don't keep a DD myself, so I'm really impressed with people who are organized enough to pull off this time-consuming project during the busiest month of the year!

I like the way that you've incorporated memorabilia, like the card and envelope. The transparancy for Day 3 looks really cool as well.

Hope you have a great weekend, and hope that garland doesn't give you any more trouble!

SueB said...

Hi Sam, Wow! Your daily journal is really looking fantasic!!! How cute are your doggies?! Love them!! Also love your tree and wall paper, just beautiful, and ofcourse you look great too :) I love to see journaling and handwriting, and think it adds so much more interest to a page. Really looking forward to seeing how it your journal develops Sam, it will be wonderful to look back on, well done you!!! I think you need to be really organised to do a page a day, so perhaps I'll have a year to do that, and will give it a go next year, lol! Looking forward to seeing more. Suzie xxx :)