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Hey all my name is Samantha, I'm 33 from England. Engaged. I have been handcrafting cards since I can remember from making mothers day cards at nursery to selling them to friends and family now. I love seeing the reactions on peoples faces when you make a unique handcrafted card just for them. I have also been a keen scrapbooker/photographer since I was about 5 when my parents started to foster and I always kept a scrapbook for each child we cared for - which goes with them to their new families so they don’t forget any precious memories of their childhood.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Engagement Card and Decorating Update

Hi All

Hope everyone is well.

Yesterday I had a very lazy day and sat around most of the day in my PJ's crafting and I made some cakes too but were eaten before I thought about taking a picture - sorry about that :-)

My friends Andrea across the road from me is also a fellow crafter and she has just got engaged so I made her a card.

I saw this idea for a card on Flickr by Lucy Abrams and I really hope Lucy doesn't mind me copying her idea. Clearly her card is much better than mine. I dont have a hear punch so had to cut these by hand and cut the circles at 1:14 with my Martha Stewart circle cutter. I also used my cuttlebug dots background and the heart postage stamp which I cut the heart out.
I have it to her last night and she loved it she has only received 2 cards which I think is shocking!!

Another update my new flooring is down and I love it!!! Harvest Oak Wood its soo pretty I dont want to walk on it.
Its the cooking channel in case anyone is wondering I think they are mixing!

We have left the french door off between the front room and kitchen for the minute as it opens it up lovely!! I dont think we are binning the doors just put them in loft and put them back on in the winter as I love being in front room with fire on and doors closed its soo cosey!

Who has a Silhouette SD Cutters? I am thinking of getting one as I still dont really like my Cricut plus the cartridges are really expensive. Any ideas where you buy the files from? Adam said I can get one which is good and he has gone shopping today to buy my a new printer which is great!!

I think tonight I will finish some scrapbooking and have early night as I am on 7.30am - 6pm for this weekn and i said I would for the rest of the month - I must be mad!! Just thinking of the pay packet with all this overtime!

Take Care all
Love Sam


SueB said...

Really lovely card, and stunning flooring!
Suzie xxx :)

Fiona Keel said...

what a gorgeous card! great flooring too, Fi x

Elizabeth said...

Hello Sam - popped over from the docrafts sight because I am looking for engagement card ideas and this one appealed to me. So, I hope you don't mind if I pinch it and make a variation on it:) BTW, nice blog. Elizabeth x

Anonymous said...

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